Child-Friendly Recipes: Roast Pepper Pesto

My kids are spectacularly fussy eaters. I’ve long given up caring, and our mealtimes now are a mix of children eating nothing/plain potatoes while the grown-ups have a feast, and special child-friendly meals that the grown-ups eat because it’s there. “Pastapesto,” as the little monsters lovingly call it, is different, because eeeeeverybody loves it. Read More Child-Friendly Recipes: Roast Pepper Pesto

Soup of the Day: Spicy Tomato Lentil

Happy Burns Night! January 25th is, in Scotland, known as Burns Night. It’s when we celebrate our beloved bard, Robert Burns; it’s a celebration involving haggis, neep, tatties and considerable amounts of whisky. So logic would dictate that the following soup involve haggis, and well, everyone has boundaries. Mine involve having haggis soup. Read More Soup of the Day: Spicy Tomato Lentil

Soup of the Day: Solyanka

Solyanka, a meat-based hot and sour soup, originates from Russia and Ukraine. Because it can be made with any leftover meat, and because anything Soviet was highly encouraged in the former GDR, it became a staple in East German cuisine. Wherever you went, Solyanka was the soup of the day. It still is immensely popular in the German East, and although I wasn’t a big fan as a child, I now adore it for both its taste and the memories of bygone times. Read More Soup of the Day: Solyanka

One Pot Tomato Masala

This week, I was browsing to find new recipe inspiration. I’ve felt like things in my kitchen were getting pretty redundant – lots of zucchini and lots of pesto and really gigantic portions of salsa were basically going through a systematic and constant rotation. When I found Cook’s Hideout Tomato Biryani recipe, I knew I had to try it out.  Unfortunately, I did not have all of the ingredients. Undeterred, I worked my way through my refrigerator and spice shelf to see what I could throw together. It turned out to be pretty delicious in its own right. Read More One Pot Tomato Masala

Don’t Get Between Me and My Bruschetta

I spent a ridiculously long amount of time mispronouncing “bruschetta.” I was a fan of “bruce-shet-a” or “brosh-etta” or “really fancy toast for summer time nonsense.” To be honest, I’m still a fan of the last one, but at least now I know how to pronounce it vaguely more correctly – bruce-ketta. But, you know, if you call this rose by any other name, it surely would taste as delicious. Read More Don’t Get Between Me and My Bruschetta

Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

I read so many food blogs that spin these lovely tales of exploration and discovery. In them, the kitchens are always large and sunny, the food is always fresh and available, and the cook/writer is always cheerful and full of boundless optimism. That does not necessarily reflect the reality of my life. There you will find a tiny kitchen with far too little counter space, foods that should never expire and yet sometimes lost in the cabinets they do, and well, alright I do have boundless optimism. I am optimistic you follow me to the recipe. Read More Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

Focaccia with Zucchini and Tomato

Focaccia is about the only bread I have patience for. This is a personal failing, I am sure, and maybe with years of work and effort, I will work my way to making all sorts of bread regularly and with vigor. I have written about focaccia on here before, but this one comes with a lot more toppings. Read More Focaccia with Zucchini and Tomato

Morbid Curiosity: Tangy Tomato Aspic

When I first started food blogging a little over a year ago, several people urged me to try a tomato aspic, so I knew it must be a notoriously unappetizing dish.  I just think jellied foods are weird in general!  And as someone who grew up with a dog as a pet – a dog that sometimes ate canned dog food –  I am inherently suspicious of any food item that makes a shhhloooup noise when it releases from its upended container.    Read More Morbid Curiosity: Tangy Tomato Aspic