The ‘End of Year List’ List

Love them or hate them, end-of-the-year roundups are now just an essential part of December. Everything that we can rank the best of, will be ranked and then vehemently disagreed with in the comment sections.

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Do You Have Time To TV?: On Television Overload

Have you ever felt like there’s just too much television to watch? I have, and it turns out, that’s not just in my head. According to the research department at FX networks, there were “328 scripted first-run prime-time programs aired on ad supported or subscription-based broadcast, cable and streaming networks in the U.S.” in 2014 alone. That’s a whole lot of television. It feels like in the last couple of years, the number of “must watch” and critically acclaimed television shows has increased substantially, and the odds of missing the zeitgeist are high if you aren’t paying rapt attention. How anyone could even attempt to keep up with 180 scripted shows a year is beyond me, and that doesn’t even take into account reality television staples like The Bachelor or American Idol. Read More Do You Have Time To TV?: On Television Overload