Dear Caitlyn

Content Warning: Suicide Ideation, Transmisogyny

Caitlyn, it’s been over six months since you announced who you really are. While the hoopla over a Olympic gold medalist coming out as trans has not died down, trans women have increasingly been trying to distance ourselves from you.
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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Giving up something you have loved for six years is really really freaking hard. Anytime someone breaks up with a long term relationship, the fallout hurts immensely. Last week, I was forced into a break up of a six year relationship. Transmisogyny ruined this relationship. (Spoilers below) Read More Breaking Up is Hard to Do

OK, People, It’s Time to Calm Down About Target

Earlier this week, Target announced that they’ll be removing unnecessarily gender-specific signs and color-coded decorations from some departments, including the toy aisles and children’s bedding. Seems like a small change that shouldn’t be cause for any outrage, right? Alas, no. Target’s Facebook page is full of angry (and largely ungrammatical) posts from people vowing to never shop there again because they’re bowing to political correctness and ruining America. But is your shopping experience really going to change? Because I know I’ve never needed to look at the signs to figure out which bedding was being marketed toward girls vs. boys, and I doubt that most of the people protesting would have even noticed the changed signs if they hadn’t put out a press release.  Read More OK, People, It’s Time to Calm Down About Target

PoC News in America

This week, I had a lot of feelings about the busy week in news. Let’s get to it.

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I Am Never Getting Better and That’s OK

I have come to realize recently that my struggles with mental health are always going to be there. I can’t magically make my depression, anxiety, and PTSD disappear. I can’t magically change my brain into a neurotypical one.  Read More I Am Never Getting Better and That’s OK

This Week in Lady Reads

Welcome back to another week of lady reads! This week, we’ve got the best movie review ever written, a sick burn on Donald Trump, cool animals, and lots of other interesting posts. Read More This Week in Lady Reads

Unwelcome Home

It just hit me. My grandpa’s 90th birthday is fast approaching. My mother has been doing her motherly things and has planned a grand escape for the family. She rented a whole section of cabins on Lake McDonald in Glacier Park. It is one of my papa’s favorite places. All of the family has been invited to this big party. Both of her brothers and their spouses will be there, as will all of their children. I, the disappointment, will not. I am unwelcome.  Read More Unwelcome Home

This Week in Lady Reads

Over the past week, there’s been quite a bit of coverage of Caitlyn Jenner, so we’ve found a few posts you can use to refute the ignorant haters. We’ve also got lots of good reads about feminism and other social justice topics, pop culture, a bit of science (with an unfortunate side of sexism), and some fun stuff to cheer you back up if you make it to the end. (You can do it!) Read More This Week in Lady Reads