Life in Transition: 18 Months

August 24th, 2013 marked the first day I went to work fully and wholly as myself. It has been 18 months since that fateful day. That day also marked the last time my parents saw me in person.  Read More Life in Transition: 18 Months

This Week in Misogyny

I love debunking hoaxes and bullshit “studies.” I hate all the other terrible things I have to tell you about. You win some, you lose some. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny

The Caress of Steel

It’s 2 a.m. again. I am fighting my never-ending battle with insomnia. Comedy is my first line of defense: Patton Oswalt and Aziz Ansari comedy albums help me through the night. At some point during my 2 a.m. restlessness, I click through to my friend’s blog. The words hit so close to home that my eyes turn into spigots. (TW: Suicidal thoughts, self harm)  Read More The Caress of Steel

Loving My Body

Since two days ago, October 29th, I have been on Estrogen for 6 months. As many of you know, this has changed my life. My mind and body are starting to feel congruent with each other. I wake up each day freer from the bonds of testosterone-poisoning than the previous day. I am starting to love myself.  Read More Loving My Body

An Open Letter to My Mom and Dad

Mom, Dad, I love you guys. Look, I have made it past 30! I have accomplished a great feat. As parents, you afforded me tons of opportunities as a child like sending me to Europe as an exchange student and I relished those. All the travels we did together taught me a lot about what it means to be family. I also loved the summer college trip we took my junior year of high school. You instilled a moral system that still works for me today. You taught me to seek knowledge and we all know how that turned out for me. You know, me being the trivia master that I am.

Read More An Open Letter to My Mom and Dad