PoC News in America

Happy Black History Month, everyone! Here’s how you can help shut down the ignorant haters, just like John Boyega, or celebrate with the rest of the internet.

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“I Am A Final Boss”: Interview With (Ex)-Games Critic Mattie Brice

“Mattie is just so hot—”

“I know, right!? I keep hoping she’ll give girls a try.”

My girlfriend and I are in bed. A tangled debacle of dyed hair now enjoined in communal swoon. Mattie Brice brings the pubescent high school crush to your lazy late morning love-a-thon. Read More “I Am A Final Boss”: Interview With (Ex)-Games Critic Mattie Brice

Being Trans Enough

As we are all aware, the trans* population is fairly small. This has obviously made it hard for us to unite and gain ground as a community over the years. With the Internet, trans* people have found it easier to talk and get to know one another. It has also facilitated our activism, and 2014 seems to be the year of the trans*person. We’ve seen Janet Mock, Laura Jane Grace and Laverne Cox everywhere. For me, this has been awesome.  Read More Being Trans Enough