City Trip Smarts: Dos and Don’ts When Visiting a New City (with bonus London tips!)

Last week I returned from a very successful trip to London which made me wonder, “What makes me so darn amazing at going on and fully enjoying city trips?” I went over the things I do to prepare for a trip and the things I do once I’m at my destination and decided I might as well share them, because I know many people find holidays of any kind, but especially short getaways, stressful to plan and sometimes even hard to fully enjoy. (And if you’re not interested in general tips, I give some London-specific tips at the end of this post)

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Winter Holidays: Iceland

This December, I had a week’s holidays from work that I had to take before 2012, or they’d disappear into whatever ether bureaucratic allowances go. So off I flew to Iceland. In winter. Bear with me, it’s not as mad an idea as you might think…

Yes, Iceland in winter is, um, icy. And snowy–as the plane descended, I leaned out the window looking for my first sight of land, because I’m a kid like that, but it took me a few minutes to realise that I’d been staring at it for several minutes. I just hadn’t recognised it, because it was just all snow. And there is only about four hours of daylight. Read More Winter Holidays: Iceland

Are We There Yet?: The 21st Century Road Trip

In 1981, my family moved from the east coast to the midwest and thus began our twice annual (some years more) tradition of the 12-hour road trip. We’d leave at o-dark-thirty and drive east on I-80 until evening. We sat in the back seat of our pea green Buick Skylark playing games like “the alphabet game” (finding words that start with each letter of the alphabet), “the license plate game” (finding the license plates from all 50 states), and “the lifesaver game” (where everyone takes a Lifesaver candy and the person who makes it last the longest wins). We also had tape players, coloring books, and Twizzlers. That’s how we rolled. Read More Are We There Yet?: The 21st Century Road Trip

Hot On Arrival

The goal seemed fairly straightforward: Arrive in Paris after a 14 hour flight feeling refreshed, looking put-together and generally relaxed. While seated in Economy. While battling a fear of flying. But hey, I love a good challenge so let’s begin. Read More Hot On Arrival