Would You Let Your Dog Fly Cargo?

One of the issues dog owners face is that when they move, they need to figure out how to get their dogs to the new location. Most of the time this is accomplished by automobile; sometimes, though, it needs to be done by airplane. Read More Would You Let Your Dog Fly Cargo?

PoC News in America

This week we’re counting down the minutes until Star Wars and enjoying everything John Boyega is doing. In news, we have big updates about Daniel Holtzclaw, affirmative action, and a movie that surprised us with a trailer release last night. Read More PoC News in America

New Years Resolution Check-In

It’s almost the end of January, which means if you’ve made resolutions for this year, you’re already looking at your life and your choices and realizing maybe you need to accept that some things will never change. Read More New Years Resolution Check-In

All Shook Up in Ukraine

In 2006, which feels like a million years ago, I went to Ukraine for a weekend. It was an eventful two days, and I’ve just come across the pictures on a photo disc (that’s how old-fashioned we’re talking about here), so let me tell you all about it. Read More All Shook Up in Ukraine

Checking Out Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

Earlier this month, my family and I took a short road trip and visited the what’s credited as the world’s first theme park. No, we didn’t go to Disneyland or Coney Island, or a Six Flags location. We traveled to Santa Claus, Indiana, and visited Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. Read More Checking Out Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari