30 Years of Music: 1988

1988 has me going a bit oddball in comparison to my usual tastes, but a few All-Time Favorite Songs shuffle into the mix. And once again, I realize that Young Me had some rather telling crushes.

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Alphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for the Letter H

This week’s glorified love letters to my favorite songs features some All-Time Favorites, of any letter, that just so happen to all start with The Letter H. As usual, we’ve got a heaping amount of love and loneliness, but this time, with a side of glitter. Behold!

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Ayuh Music: Traveling Wilburys’ “Vol. 1”

Y’all, I seriously hate everything this week. You know? Nothing has gone right. So now I’m here with a glass of wine and some comfort music. Tonight that comfort music is the incredible Traveling Wilburys: Vol. 1.

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Lunchtime Poll 12/9: BYOBoy Band

For today’s lunchtime poll, we’d like you to assemble your ideal boy band.  Keep in mind, boy bands are not only the playgrounds of the young.  When old musicians do it, they may call it a supergroup instead, but the idea is still the same.  Cases in point, Velvet Revolver and The Traveling Wilburys.  Each band will need 3 or more members, can be assembled from any genre and made up of any musicians you’d like, dead or alive.   Wow me with your potentially chart climbing crooners, and you get bonus points if you give the group a fantastic name.