The IVF Diaries: Baby Steps

Some of you may remember a post I wrote a few months ago about having Turner syndrome. (If not, it’s cool: I have a link!) In it, I spoke about having the condition, but somehow in my stream-of-consciousness writer ways it ended up having a bit of a focus on one aspect of Turner syndrome that (at least in my case and the other lovely Persephoneer who has said she has it too) can be very wearing: the inability to naturally conceive children. PLEASE READ WHAT I WROTE THERE BEFORE COMMENTING. No “Aww”s, please. Read More The IVF Diaries: Baby Steps

On Turner Syndrome

By looking at me, you can’t tell. You’d assume I’m just your everyday, average short 26-year-old. (I am, but for the purposes of this article, I’m choosing to differentiate myself.) I may come off as a little goofy and childlike, but that’s all part of my charm, or so my husband says. Unless you are a member of my family, or someone I may have actually told, you’d never guess that I was diagnosed as an infant with Turner syndrome. Read More On Turner Syndrome