Sneaky Social Justice on TV: Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey centres around the upper-class Crawley family and their staff in rural England from 1912 to 1918. This contains some spoilers for Seasons One and Two: I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum. Read More Sneaky Social Justice on TV: Downton Abbey

A Love Letter to “Parks and Recreation”

(Due to technical difficulties of Netflix being down when I usually watch each episode, this week’s Bones recap is postponed.)

Dear Parks and Recreation,

First, I have to admit that I was one of the early naysayers. I was really excited about the show when I first heard about it. I loved Amy Poehler on SNL, and really liked Rashida Jones on The Office and a British show called NY-LON. I watched the first couple of episodes, but it just didn’t grab me. Plus, our NBC channel wasn’t HD and I think there were already two other things scheduled on our TiVo at that time. Sadly, you fell by the wayside. Read More A Love Letter to “Parks and Recreation”

Great TV Feminists

While it’s still unusual to actually hear the word feminist used in a positive way on TV, there has been a fairly impressive list of feminist characters on network and cable TV.  Among the shrewish wives, the self-absorbed singles and the super mommies who normally fill the airwaves, we found some great lady role models who weren’t afraid to wear their feminism on their sleeves. Read More Great TV Feminists