Television: Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover

So who here has ever tried giving up TV, either for a set period of time or permanently? The only time I ever tried was one year in high school when I gave up “active” TV watching for Lent. What that meant was I could never pick watching television as my own activity; however, if I was in a social setting and a TV was on, I didn’t have to leave. I actually stuck to it pretty well, and like all addictions it took a while for my hand to stop reflexively reaching for the remote whenever I was bored. Read More Television: Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover

Being Human Recap – Episode 1.01

“There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 1”

Being an avid tv watcher and anglophile (hazard of having a Brit for a husband), keeping up with UK television is a must. The main thing that really separates the US and UK is the length of seasons and series in general. While shows in the US will pop out 20+ episodes a year, season after season (and sometimes past the point of entertaining), UK seasons vary from 6 to 12 episodes. Some entire series form a practically perfect baker’s dozen (see The Office and the classic Faulty Towers). With only a handful or two of hours to tell their story, writers find genius in simplicity, compact storytelling and tight pacing. Two of the shining recent examples are Being Human and Skins, both of which are being granted highly anticipated US remakes starting this month. Read More Being Human Recap – Episode 1.01

Every time I turn around”¦I see something that reminds me of TV

junk coming atcha from tvThis post was inspired by two things.  The first was Buster Blonde’s hilarious post about “˜80s TV fear, which reminded me that every time I think of abandoned refrigerators and CPR I think about that episode of Punky Brewster.  In fact, because I have seen every episode of Punky Brewster no less than 25 times, there is a long list of things that remind me of episodes of Punky Brewster.  But, as an avid TV watcher, Punky Brewster was not the only show I watched as a kid. I was listening to the Jordan, Jesse, Go! Podcast the other day (It’s funny. You should check it out.)  The phrase Appotomax Courthouse came up, and as I was listening my mind immediately went to an episode of Growing Pains where Mike is going to cheat on a history test and writes Appotomax Courthouse on his huge, huge tennis shoes.  Well, I’m obviously not the only one who associates Appotomax Courthouse with Growing Pains, because Jordan brought up the same episode.  It got me thinking about all of the things that we first hear as children on TV, in movies, or in books and are forever associated in our minds.  I made a little list of some of the things that are inextricably linked to media in my mind. Read More Every time I turn around”¦I see something that reminds me of TV