Caregiving: Delicate

It is easy to get lost in jargon when talking about mental health. I endeavour to keep conversation comfortable; I talk about my husband’s mental health issues. Issues. It is such a delightfully benign word to use. Issues. It suggests an easy to read pamphlet. Bullet points, perhaps? Issues. In my attempt to be delicate, I fear I am being misleading. Read More Caregiving: Delicate

6 Reasons Not To Be A Jerk About Trigger Warnings

As you meander around the internet, you may occasionally encounter an article or video prefaced by a trigger warning (or the abbreviated version, TW). A trigger warning is a note that indicates potentially traumatic content. These notes applied to such varied topics as sexual assault, graphic violence, racism, transphobia, eating disorders and child abuse — basically any discussion that could cause a post-traumatic stress reaction for certain people.

Trigger warnings are an important and necessary tool for many people. For others, they are at worst a minor inconvenience. You would think this would mean that the inclusion of trigger warnings would be a no-brainer, yet some folks still insist on being nincompoops. In case you’re in danger of becoming a nincompoop, here are six reasons not to be a jerk about trigger warnings. Read More 6 Reasons Not To Be A Jerk About Trigger Warnings

Caregiving: Scars

Earlier, I had an idea of what I wanted to say. After my usual few minutes catching up on various sites, I’m not so sure. Is it the wake of the VICE spread still unfolding? I’m not sure. I… I feel at a loss. There’s suicide everywhere at the moment. There’s not much that can be done to escape it. Not that I’m helping matters by going about either, though. Read More Caregiving: Scars