Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Here’s everything to read when you’re chilling after turkey.

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Midweek News is Fallin’

What’s been happening in your world? I’m settling into fall, and the world is falling into…well, the spiral it has always been in. Read More Midweek News is Fallin’

Midweek News: We’ve Been Here Before

Do you ever feel like the news just keeps repeating itself? I mean, if it bleeds, it leads, but I’m beginning to notice a pattern of something a little deeper here. Let’s see if you see the same thing.

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News in Asia

Hello, my friends. This edition of news will be more of the appetizer variety, as the news coming from the States is grim. I’ve been scouring for good news because I think we all could use it. Read More News in Asia

News Appetizers: At Least It’s Friday

All this week, I kept thinking each day was the day that was supposed to come after. So, yesterday, I thought it was Friday. The news didn’t make this feeling any better. But today, at least, is actually Friday.

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News Appetizers Love Carbs

I always find that bad news can often be redeemed with a tiny bit of good news, such as women being allowed in combat positions or learning that carbs are a key player in evolution. So read on, knowing there will be some bad. But there will also be some good. And carbs.

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