Ask UfYH: Roommate Resolution

Q: I’m in college and have lived with the same roommates for two years. I’ve always been pretty bad at doing chores because of a combination of: 1. depression that makes it hard to do things, 2. never learning how to do chores, and 3. bad time management. Though I am getting better at doing the dishes and other chores, I’m afraid my roommates won’t want to live with me next year. Is there any way I can fix this, or should I live alone next year? Read More Ask UfYH: Roommate Resolution

Sex on the Micro Side: Your Questions, Redux

There is a lot of joy in writing a sex and love column. For the most part, you as the “advice-giver,” which is a questionable title to begin with, are able to muddle through the thick of it with someone else. Read More Sex on the Micro Side: Your Questions, Redux

Ask UfYH: Roommate Sabotage?

Q: I’ve recently started trying to get my apartment clean, and my roommates are sabotaging my efforts. Every time I clean something, it’s messed up again by the next day. They leave their dirty dishes around after I’ve just run the dishwasher. How do I convince them to stop sabotaging me?

A: This is one of those times when I need to tell you something sort of blunt that will both make things better and make things worse: they aren’t sabotaging you. They either don’t notice, or they don’t care. Read More Ask UfYH: Roommate Sabotage?