31 Days of Halloween — Day 16, A Bevy of Draculas

It’s not the Halloween season without a new take on the Dracula legend blighting our nation’s movie theaters. This year’s entry is Dracula Untold, in which were are told the ‘true’ back story of the villainous count, because none of the other eleventy billion Dracula movies has gotten the tale right. Now, Dracula Untold has some things going for it, in so much as those ‘things’ are Luke Evans and his chiseled cheekbones. The movie will be crappy, because it’s a Dracula film, and the ration of ‘good’ to ‘shitty’ Dracula pictures tilts heavily in the favor of ‘this is just really bad’. If you don’t agree that the premise alone predisposes the movie to be terrible, allow me to direct you to this fine review of the film by Mallory Ortberg over on The Toast. Ortberg manages to both sum up the movies short comings (many) and my personal attitude towards watching horror films: Read More 31 Days of Halloween — Day 16, A Bevy of Draculas