Food: Watermelon and Cucumber Curry

Ah, watermelons and cucumbers. The two quintessential summer fruits – or fruit and vegetable if you are a chef and not a botanist. They are juicy, cooling, and delicious in so many things. And by things, I do include curry. Read More Food: Watermelon and Cucumber Curry

Don’t Get Between Me and My Bruschetta

I spent a ridiculously long amount of time mispronouncing “bruschetta.” I was a fan of “bruce-shet-a” or “brosh-etta” or “really fancy toast for summer time nonsense.” To be honest, I’m still a fan of the last one, but at least now I know how to pronounce it vaguely more correctly – bruce-ketta. But, you know, if you call this rose by any other name, it surely would taste as delicious. Read More Don’t Get Between Me and My Bruschetta

Cherry Crispy Crumble

If you were on a dessert island, what type of dessert island would you want to be on? I have thought about this a whole lot. I discard Candy Island pretty quickly but I waffle a lot between chocolate and fruit-pastries. On the one hand, living on an island of endless chocolate delights would be pretty great. Chocolate has all sorts of great properties, like being delicious and mildly caffeinated. On the other hand, the sweet-tartness of fruit coupled with its versatility is hard to beat. Read More Cherry Crispy Crumble

Cool Beans: Bean Salads to Unite Us All

Summer isn’t the most fun time for vegans to eat with their non-vegan friends. Cookouts and picnics tend to be all about grilled meats, leaving the vegans to pick at a pickle sandwich while others are piling their plates with hamburgers and mayonnaise-laden sides. In response to Bryn’s brilliant article, I’ve created a couple of bean salads that will please members of both camps and promote herbivore/carnivore unity. I recently tried them on my foolhardy test group of vegans and omnivores, and everyone was holding hands and singing “We Are the World” by dessert. But that might have had something to do with the sangria. Read More Cool Beans: Bean Salads to Unite Us All

Stuffed Avocados

A word of warning: I’ve come down with a wicked bad case of hyperbole. It is seriously the worst thing to happen ever in the world to anyone ever. This food post, will, most unfortunately, not be immune from that terrible, life-altering condition. However, even with that limitation, I expect this post to be one of the best ever because it focuses on the most delicious food that anyone has ever eaten: avocado. Read More Stuffed Avocados

How To Be a Vegan or Non-Vegan Without Being a Jackass

I am trying out veganism again. On the internet and in what is quaintly referred to as “real life,” vegans and non-vegans can be horrible at talking to one another. I want to help. Let’s start with advice for vegans! Read More How To Be a Vegan or Non-Vegan Without Being a Jackass

Food Philosophy

The worst thing about eating food is wasting money and hunger on crappy food. I have a limited amount of money and it can’t just be spent willy-nilly. Of course, I have to make trade-offs. I know I can’t always eat delicious food because sometimes I just need to buy the on-sale frozen veggies and throw them in with some rice. It’s a little bit of a bummer, this responsibility, but I like to take in stride; this meal might not be the tops, but it’s just going to make the next really great one even better, like eating a cookie after taking a swig of coffee. Read More Food Philosophy