Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.16, “Betty and Veronica”

In this episode, Veronica is still reeling from finding her mom at the bar in Barstow and from seeing Clarence Weidman at the same bar.  She tears apart her room, realizing that she must have been bugged, and she finds the bug in a very cute panda pencil sharpener sent to her by a wildlife fund to which she never donated.  You know what they say: Don’t bug a bugger!  Or something.  Veronica also gets hired by Vice Principal Clemmons to find out who kidnapped the school’s mascot, in a plot stolen out of every 80’s sitcom (and Ace Venture Pet Detective). Read More Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.16, “Betty and Veronica”

Ladgyhosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.14, “Mars vs. Mars”

What is this? Special Guest Star Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl playing … a Gossip Girl? Special Guest Star That Guy From Party Down Who Is Now On Community playing Hot Young Idealistic Teacher Who Still Gets Students Interested In History? What after-school special could be in store for us in this week’s Mystery of the Week?  Oh, only that Blair (I mean, Carrie) has publicly accused Hot Young Teacher of dodging her calls because they had a pregnancy scare?  Veronica doesn’t buy any of it, because she now loves the Huns and Hot Young Teacher gets all the credit, plus Carrie is a bitch.  Veronica Mars starts her investigation.

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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.13, “Lord of the Bling”

I’ll just warn you now, reader, that this is one of the super-lamest Mysteries of the Week of the season, if not the series.  The MotW is the disappearance of one Yolanda Hamilton, daughter of music producer Bone Hamilton and former friend of Veronica’s back when Veronica was popular.  Instead of a glimpse into the lives of the families of rich music producers, it would have been better to have started this episode where they left off the last one, with Lynn Echolls’ car stopped on a bridge and Lynn missing.  It is the far more compelling component of this episode. But most of this episode is flashbacks and MotW solving.  Eh, on with it, shall we? Read More Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.13, “Lord of the Bling”

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 12

Miracles really do happen in Neptune because the school’d guidance counselor has been awarded a grant to study grief.  This is pretty much never heard of for a random social worker in a public school, but I guess that’s how they work in Neptune.  Also, the students hit hardest hit by Lilly’s death are “mandated” to speak with the guidance counselor.  Ethics violation, much?  But, this social worker is going to need to suspend disbelief for this episode and just enjoy the secrets that are bound to come up because our girl Veronica has bugged the guidance counselor’s office.  Ethics violation for an ethics violation, I guess.  Meanwhile, the mystery of the week is that a student has snitched on V for making fake IDs.  A Neptune High student used the fake ID to get drunk at a bar, and he is now hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Read More Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 12

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, episode 11

This episode is titled “Silence of the Lamb,” which might make you hopeful that it is going to mirror the best movie EVAR. But it’s not quite that good.  Nevertheless, we do get a little deeper into the seedy underbelly of Neptune’s inept sheriff’s department, 09er scandals, and more of Veronica’s questionable taste in boyfriends. Read More Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, episode 11

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars Episode 10

A Weevil-centric episode! My faaaavorite! <3 What antics has Weevil gotten into this time?  Oh, just a high stakes (in my opinion) poker game with Logan, Duncan and a couple other 09er-bots.  Say wha-?  The episode starts off with Weevil totally kicking the ass of the HAL 09ers that he’s playing with and winning the pot of $5,000.  Only, what’s this?  The money is gone!  Oh, boys, you should know better than to screw Weevil out of five grand. Who took it? It had to have been one of the boys playing the game, but even a strip search conducted by my man Weevil (who can strip search me anytime) turns up nothing.  And that’s our Mystery Of The Week! Read More Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars Episode 10

LadyGhosts – Veronica Mars, Episode 9

Veronica, puking out the side of her car, upon realization that if Jake Kane is her father than her ex-boyfriend is her half-brother.  How’s that for a compelling show opener?  Too bad the Mystery of the Week this week isn’t as provocative.  And even the Lilly Kane/Who’s Your Daddy mystery is a little slow-burning in this ep.  Our intrepid sleuth does use her skills to figure out that it was the head security guy at Kane Industries who took the pictures of her she found in the safe deposit box.  She was able to figure it out because the guy paid for some food with a credit card while he was stalking her.  Pretty much every adult in this show is an incompetent spy. Read More LadyGhosts – Veronica Mars, Episode 9

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars (Episode 7)

This is one of my favorite episodes mainly for the Weevil (<3)/Logan Breakfast Club-style story arc.  The episode also plants the seed for a number of other issues that are going to come up throughout the season.  Veronica Mars is great at slowly building intrigue and watching it on Netflix sometimes makes me sad that I didn’t watch it as it aired, sometimes instant gratification isn’t that great. Read More Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars (Episode 7)