We Vibe It: The Magic of the Magic Wand

My wife and I put Uncle Sam’s money to good use. Not only did we pay for our upcoming honeymoon to Portland, we finally bought a toy we had been coveting for a year or so. I had heard amazing reviews from my friends especially from a few trans friends about how awesome the Hitachi Magic Wand was. We had to feel this for ourselves.  Continue reading

Recharging Your Batteries For When You Need Some Holiday Self-Love

The holidays wear thin on my mental, physical, and emotional health. Between the manufactured cheer of holiday music, the yearly “War On Christmas” campaign, maddening consumer panic that eats people alive with a manic fury, and the balls-to-the-wall work schedule that I always think I can handle (I CAN HAVE IT ALL), it’s easy to overload on giving one’s self to the point of becoming a raggedy mess. Our own Golda Porestky said it best in her recent piece, The Gift of Receiving:

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