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Reading the Man Booker Prize 2013 – Jim Crace: Harvest

It’s that time of the year again: Literature becomes universally exciting and noteworthy for a few short weeks while a jury of high-flying writers and critics determines which lucky novelist’s book sales will go through the roof this autumn. It’s the Man Booker Prize, “The world’s most important literary award,” the winner of which will be announced on October 15th. Read More Reading the Man Booker Prize 2013 – Jim Crace: Harvest

News in Asia

I hope this week is starting off well for all of you. This edition is going to include some news about hackers, or “cyber terrorists,” more violence against women in India, and cool news on healthcare and literary fronts. Please note that this edition comes with major trigger warnings about rape and violence against women. Read More News in Asia

News in Asia: Drone Edition

The issue of the use of drones in both Afghanistan and Pakistan has been both an issue and a non-issue. That is a contradictory statement, I know, but it’s the only way I know how to describe it. It’s an issue that is gaining more attention, but is still seemingly downplayed in mainstream media, though the issue is picking up steam. Previously, it was only on social justice blogs, Tumblr and in alternative news publications that a serious look at the negatives of the use of drones was examined. Read More News in Asia: Drone Edition

Why Don’t We Care About the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Depending on how much you know about African geography, you may or may not know about the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the DRC) – not to be confused with the Republic of the Congo. If the DRC doesn’t sound familiar, maybe it’s because you learned about it as Zaire (under former “president” Mobutu). So, maybe you don’t really know much about this country, but here’s why you should be paying attention. (Trigger Warning for discussion of rape after the jump.) Read More Why Don’t We Care About the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Caregiving: Violence

Violence has been on my mind since I wrote about self harm, as self harm in its psychiatric incarnation of Deliberate Self Harm is often considered an act of violence. The “self” part indicating the obvious: DSH is violence that a person commits against themselves. Read More Caregiving: Violence

Safe Campuses

In the past week, four campuses have experienced bomb threats. The most recent case came at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. So far, it looks like all of the threats have been false alarms, but it’s hard not to feel a little shaken up. Schools are supposed to be safe spaces. Read More Safe Campuses