Loving Across Oceans

Remember how I was going to start an amazing media project, live an awesome life in our awesome apartment, and take the US by a storm of awesomeness?  Yeah. So, about that: the USA consulate doesn’t trust me. And now my boyfriend’s over there and I’m still here (and worse: “here” is back at my parents’ place).

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Moving Across the Ocean

While I’m stuck at Washington Dulles airport because the airplane crew is delayed, I’m wondering if this really is happening: if I’m really on my way to North Carolina to start looking for an apartment. And more importantly: how the heck do you adjust to the idea of moving from the Netherlands to the States?

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How to Get a Job as a Teacher Overseas

For the second installment on my teaching overseas series (you can find the first one on the pros and cons of such employment here), I’d like to tell you how to get a job. It’s both remarkably simple and remarkably complicated. Read More How to Get a Job as a Teacher Overseas