Well He’s Better Than The Other Guy, I Guess

We are in the middle of midterm election season and if you’re like me, you were sick of the political ads months ago. I was overseas during the last presidential election and was spared the inundation of ads for political candidates who have approved this message and are supported by super PACs with more money than probably all the P-Mag writers and editors will ever see in a lifetime combined.

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News in Africa: 12/06/2012

It’s another week, and Africa’s been hopping. From conflict development to genomes to billionaires, there’s a bunch to cover, so let’s dive right in, shall we? Read More News in Africa: 12/06/2012

A Twenty-something Looks at Politics

As if you guys couldn’t get enough political articles to read, here’s my two cents (or less if you bargain with me) on the matter.

As the title suggests, I am a twenty-something (25-soon-to-be-26 to be exact) who lives in Florida with my husband. Yes, we are a hetero white couple who live in a major city (Orlando) and both have jobs. My husband works at a small business, which he has been with since its infancy ten years ago. I’m the product of a middle-class family and went through the public education system here in Florida. So, if one were to guess based on these few facts, it may seem like I would probably lean toward the right politically, wouldn’t it? Read More A Twenty-something Looks at Politics

Badass Ladies of History: Kate Sheppard

In 1893, New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant universal suffrage for women over 21. The woman who led the way for this to occur was Kate Sheppard, who is a true Badass Lady of History. Read More Badass Ladies of History: Kate Sheppard

Does Electability Matter?

I recently came across a very interesting post on YouGov, a polling data site, that analyzed whether electability makes a difference in Republican voters’ candidate preferences. Political scientists usually agree that in a two party system, there’s a sophisticated pattern of strategic decision-making that happens when people vote, whether consciously or unconsciously. The prevailing idea is that when the winner only needs to earn the most votes, people don’t want to “waste” their votes on a sure loser. In the YouGov piece, John Sides and Alex Lundry tested this hypothesis with the prominent Republican candidates running in the 2012 Presidential race to see whether hearing potential chances of winning would make voters more likely to change their preferences. The results were interesting, although not surprising. Read More Does Electability Matter?

Middlemarch Madness: Sweet Sixteen Final Vote

It was another record setting night for votes, and both races were so close I didn’t know who was going to win until the last possible minute.  Tonight we’ll vote in the final Sweet Sixteen battle, then tomorrow at this time I’ll reveal the Elite Eight. Read More Middlemarch Madness: Sweet Sixteen Final Vote