The GOP Primaries: Welcome to The Wacky Races

As we all know, election season is now upon us. Like Christmas, it begins earlier each year, much to the dismay of those shopping for cereal and end up finding stockings, exclaiming, “For fuck’s sake, it’s July!” Yes, the beginning of the GOP primary debates. One moment you are waiting for your nightly Law and Order to soothe you to sleep, and then next thing you know, you are bombarded with lights, Americana streamers, and someone talking about nothing that makes any sense. But I just wanted some bad crime drama to lull me to sleep! Instead I got the ex-CEO of Godfather’s Pizza talking about 9-9-9, Michelle Bachmann turning it upside down to 6-6-6, and Rick Perry having no qualms about having a ranch called “N****rhead.”


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