Confessions of a Non-Germaphobe

I may be outing myself as kind of gross in this post, but you all only know me in Internet Land, and not in Real Life Land, so I’m gonna just go for it. I’m one of the un-germaphobic people you’ll probably ever meet. I’m not sure how I turned out this way; my mom kept a clean house, encouraged us to wash our hands for dinner and all that basic stuff, but was by no means a clean fanatic. My upbringing didn’t have any extremes on which I could blame my current state. So, how did I get this way? Read More Confessions of a Non-Germaphobe

A Day in the Life of a Fourteen Year Old Boy with Autism

A friend of the family needed this information for a college speech class.  I had a little bit of fun with it along the way, and I thought you might appreciate reading it this weekend or whenever you get the chance.  I tried to tell it from his perspective, so enjoy it in the spirit in which it was intended.  I love my boy and I try hard to understand him and teach him things in a way that will make sense to him. Read More A Day in the Life of a Fourteen Year Old Boy with Autism