Returning to the Three “R”s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

When it comes to environmental sciences and policy, waste is a huge issue. We keep producing and we have no idea where to put it all. From the birth of the environmental movement, the three “R”s of reduce, reuse and recycle have been drilled into our minds. The amount of waste diverted to recycling has increased tremendously, even within the last decade; however, given that the New York Times could publish an article this week entitled “Recycling Helps, but It’s Not All You Can Do for the Environment,” without discarding it as immediately too obvious, maybe it’s time to re-examine our relationship with waste. Read More Returning to the Three “R”s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Shower Power

Living in the greater Seattle area, I cannot help but be affected by the green movement. After all, we’re a bunch of rain-soaked, granola-munching, espresso-swigging, fixie-riding hippies, amirite? Any product or service has a green alternative (trust me), and it seems that I can’t watch the news or open a magazine without green ideas/jobs/locations/tips jumping Read More Shower Power