Friday News Bites: Tunisia and Arizona Shootings, Voting Rights + More

Friday, Friday, once again. Let’s catch up with some of the news stories that caught my eye over the last week.

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News Appetizers Want to Go Far, Far Away

They might not rhyme this week, but they sure will give you your weekly dose of feeling like getting in the car and driving as far as you can to write poetry, because really, having a job isn’t making you much more money anyway.

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Travel Eats

I’ve spent this week gearing up for a weekend trip. It’s sort of put a damper on my cooking aspirations, but the process has allowed me to realize that there are some important tricks to getting ready for a trip – and staying satiated while on it. For most of you, these will be old hat, but for past-me, these tricks could have saved me some grief. Read More Travel Eats

Shower Power

Living in the greater Seattle area, I cannot help but be affected by the green movement. After all, we’re a bunch of rain-soaked, granola-munching, espresso-swigging, fixie-riding hippies, amirite? Any product or service has a green alternative (trust me), and it seems that I can’t watch the news or open a magazine without green ideas/jobs/locations/tips jumping Read More Shower Power

Brought to You by the Letter W

As you may have noticed, for today’s Blog Action Day, we’re talking about water consumption and the limited availability of safe drinking water in many parts of the world. When I was a little girl growing up in a mid-sized city in a well-developed country, I was fortunate enough to be indoctrinated by my beloved Sesame Street that I should not waste water (water water water water water). Read More Brought to You by the Letter W

The Luxury of Clean, Safe Water

This morning was like any other weekday morning of late. I woke up to my toddler’s request of “Milky! Movie! Milky! Movie!” and stumbled downstairs to comply. I poured my son a cup of rice milk (water-based), set the coffee pot to brew (6 cups of water), and turned on the TV. Read More The Luxury of Clean, Safe Water

Water is Life

Growing up, you may have learned in health class, or maybe a Boy or Girl Scouts trip, that you can survive much longer without food than without water. There’s a reason for that. There’s a reason why simple tips on improving your health usually include drinking more water. There is a reason why scientists get so darn excited when we find water, or evidence of past water, on other planets: it’s because nothing we know of can survive without it. Water is life. Read More Water is Life