We Try It: Buying a Wedding Dress Online

[dropcap3 variation=”black”]I[/dropcap3]’m going to begin this review with a little timeline. Mr. qSS and I got engaged in August of last year. We had been together for four years, and lived together for more than three of them. We didn’t see much point in a long engagement. We probably would have been married before the year was out, but he needed surgery, and then we were in the thick of holiday season, which meant that I had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a weekend off from work. Soon after the holidays passed, I found myself out of work for a couple months with an injury, which left me plenty of time to do some wedding planning. There was a problem, though. We didn’t have a set date. Read More We Try It: Buying a Wedding Dress Online

How-To Not Be a B-Word

The “b”-word is everywhere these days, screaming at you from magazine article headlines, coloring the annoyingly uncreative names of reality shows, being bandied about by everyone and their mothers as the perfect expression to describe a particular subset of women and I HATE it.

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Rethinking Wedding Traditions

Bucking tradition when it comes to your wedding can quickly become a very contentious issue. Whether your mom always dreamed of you in a flowing white gown or your future mother-in-law is appalled by the idea that you intend to keep your maiden name, you are almost inevitably going to be faced with some push back if you choose to shirk the expected.

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How To Not Blow Your Wedding Budget On a Dress

Anthropologie launched a new bridal section this week, BHLDN (inspired by the dutch word for “to keep”), and I will readily admit that a large chunk of it is freaking gorgeous. The words ethereal, offbeat, and just plain pretty filled my mind. Then I looked at the price tags.

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Feeling Good About Spending a Pile of Money

In mid-November, my husband and I took a long lunch break one day and got married. Despite the quiet, brief ceremony for just the two of us (plus an entourage of City Hall employees who heard what was going on and showed up to watch), we decided that we wanted to have a more traditional ceremony and reception for our friends and family. The weekend before last, a little less than three months from engagement and two months after legally getting hitched, we had our wedding extravaganza. Somewhere between Christmas and the new year, I came to the conclusion that we had completely missed the point of eloping. Read More Feeling Good About Spending a Pile of Money

What’s in a Name?

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to get married. I cannot believe the degree to which people think they are entitled to judge and offer completely unsolicited opinions. I’m not talking about my family and friends. That I expected; moreover, they care about me and are a part of my life. But even passing acquaintances and near-strangers feel the need to inject themselves into the situation. Read More What’s in a Name?