Picking Good Songs for Your Wedding

After reading Five Songs Not to Play at Your Wedding, I got to thinking about wedding music. A good wedding mix is an art. I know a few DJs, and each has their own wedding “formula,” but some things are universal. You must have some sappy slow dance songs, at least one line dance, a few jazz standards so the grandparents can dance, and a dash of disco about two hours in when all the bridesmaids are lubricated enough to dance like crazy people. You may have noticed a common theme there. A good DJ can come up with a selection of songs that will have everyone on the dance floor at least once during the reception. Like I said, it’s an art. Read More Picking Good Songs for Your Wedding

5 Worst Wedding Songs

Summer brings an onslaught of wedding invitations, as inevitable as the clouds of cicadas circling the South. Most of the time, weddings are pretty fun ““ beaming brides, grinning grooms, an air of celebration ““ but sometimes, the evening takes a turn for the bizarre. Read More 5 Worst Wedding Songs