The Big Business of Losing Weight as a New Year’s Resolution

I noticed them the day before Christmas, when I turned on the TV. Blaring from my screen, in quick succession, the barrage of weight loss advertisements, clearly designed and intended for women who are feeling a bit bad about overindulging at the holidays, or who have chosen weight loss as their New Year’s Resolution. It seems like the advertisements start earlier each year. They play on the fears, and the guilt, that so many of us have been conditioned to feel around the holidays. Read More The Big Business of Losing Weight as a New Year’s Resolution

Diet School Dropout

Last week, during her Body Love Breakthrough Session*, my new client shared the pain she’d experienced by spending her life going on and off diets.

She told me, “I feel like I’ve been in diet school my whole life. When do I get to graduate?”

Read More Diet School Dropout

Team Healthy

I’ve been participating in a Weight Watchers support group at my office since April of this year, and it’s been a great way to keep myself motivated and inspired. First, let me start out with some facts about me. I have been overweight most of my life, and dieted many times, even twice on Weight Watchers. I now have diabetes, have been taking medicine for six years (since I got pregnant with my babies) and am taking the most amount of medication I really can without switching to insulin. I know what it takes to live well; I am smart and have learned things over the years, but I have strong habits that make it hard to break out of the pattern of eating poorly and treating myself without respect.  Read More Team Healthy

Leave Weight Watchers Alone – The Sequel

Way back in December, we had another piece on Weight Watchers that I often think of when I consider my own relationship with food, my body, and yes, the dreaded Diet Industrial Complex.  My name is Luci Furious and I’m on Weight Watchers”¦ and I like it.  TW for some discussion of weight loss and relationship with food. Read More Leave Weight Watchers Alone – The Sequel

Seriously, Bro? You’re Gonna Go Out Looking Like THAT?

I’ve read in a number of places that negative body image is a growing problem among men. More and more, men are feeling the push to have less fat, more muscle, smooth skin, etc. etc. Read More Seriously, Bro? You’re Gonna Go Out Looking Like THAT?

Leave…Weight Watchers…Alone!!

You may or may not have heard that Weight Watchers (WW) has recently overhauled their famous (or infamous, depending on who you are) points system to more accurately reflect how the body breaks down different nutrients. More on the logic behind that in a moment–for the time being, news sources are focusing on the most obviously important angle, that the fatties are so dumb about losing their nasty fat! Eat some bananas and kale, you fatties!! Read More Leave…Weight Watchers…Alone!!