The Real Housewives of NY never have to deal with this shit

Several years ago when I lived in Brooklyn, before bedbugs were the scourge of the rich and famous, they were the scourge of everyone else, including yours truly.  For a few weeks I noticed some welts. I decided I was having an allergic reaction to something and dismissed them. Then a couple weeks later I got them again. I knew that NYC had a bed bug epidemic. And news sources reassured me that it is not because I am filthy, but still, I was in complete denial that they were a possibility. Ok, not complete denial. I looked on the internet for how you detect bed bugs. I checked my mattress, noticed no signs, and called it good. Until a Tuesday night when I was sitting in bed, felt something on me and found a bed bug. Tuesday night didn’t provide a lot of rest.  Wednesday night wasn’t a lot better and I slept on the couch. I had torn apart my room looking for more evidence and found a bedbug cemetery in my box spring, a nauseatingly clear sign that yes, I did have bed bugs. Continue reading