LTP: 3/25

So ladies, Middlemarch Madness is drawing to a close.  One week from today we will be tabulating the votes to determine the Supreme Lady of Badassness, she who will wear the coveted Miss Persephone tiara until we do this again next year (if we think our hearts can take it). Read More LTP: 3/25

Middlemarch Madness Voting Day 9, Next Round!

We got so many votes this weekend! Everyone came out to pick their favorites, which is fantastic, even though most of you had the same favorites.   As expected, there were few surprises among the ones v. sixteens, but you can see the results after the break anyway. Read More Middlemarch Madness Voting Day 9, Next Round!

Middlemarch Madness: Polyvore for Badasses

Meghan is starting a brand-new and exciting job this week, so she’s taken the week away from writing for us.  I miss her weekly forays into Polyvore, so like a good editor, I’m picking up the slack.  What could be more appropriate than creating stylish outfits for some of my favorite Middlemarch Madness contenders? Read More Middlemarch Madness: Polyvore for Badasses

Lunchtime Poll 11/29

Happy noon! (at least here in EST.)  Hope everyone is having a completely awesome day which will be remembered through the ages in story and song.  We’re typing our fingers off over here, but don’t you worry.  We’d write for you guys with bloody stubs. Read More Lunchtime Poll 11/29