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Imagining Race: The Hunger Games

Straight black hair, olive skin, and grey eyes.

Suzanne Collins’ description of her protagonist – brief, almost in passing – has ignited debate across the Internet, and surely beyond, about race and Hollywood. It would be nearly impossible to miss the discussions, even if you hadn’t read the books. Read More Imagining Race: The Hunger Games

Unpacking Feminism’s Backpack

As a note, I will be using “we” in this essay. It’s difficult because “we” is not easily defined and I am not an authority. “We” will always be more complex than words can cover. “We” always lacks in various representation and “we” does not always cover “we.” I will use it in reference to mainstream feminism, “we” as those who align ourselves with that cause. ‘Cause “we” needs some work. Read More Unpacking Feminism’s Backpack