Our server crashed after our good friends at linked to our interview yesterday.  It took a couple of hours to get her up and running again (SPACE MONKEYS) and when she came back on, the time on the server jumped ahead by 24 hours or so.  That’s why everything we had scheduled to run today is already here. From the future.  It’s all good now, we’re both prepared for rushes of company and we’ve fixed all the clocks. Please return to your normal reading and commenting activities.

6 Questions for Our Witty Commenters

We lollygagged on getting a proper fella in the door to answer our questions, so tonight it’s your turn, readers! Share your answers to the first 6 of our 7 questions in the comments below.  (The seventh is the Mad Lib question, it doesn’t really work here…) Read More 6 Questions for Our Witty Commenters

I Failed at Cake

Tres leche cake is both my greatest weakness and my signature dessert.   I am traditionally domestically challenged, I don’t cook often, I’m a terrible housekeeper, if I had kids I would be that mother who hosed off her baby with a kitchen sprayer.  I can, however, make one mean tres leche cake.   Until last night, when I failed at cake.  Betcha Pioneer Woman won’t blog about her f’ups. Read More I Failed at Cake