Winter Holidays: Iceland

This December, I had a week’s holidays from work that I had to take before 2012, or they’d disappear into whatever ether bureaucratic allowances go. So off I flew to Iceland. In winter. Bear with me, it’s not as mad an idea as you might think…

Yes, Iceland in winter is, um, icy. And snowy–as the plane descended, I leaned out the window looking for my first sight of land, because I’m a kid like that, but it took me a few minutes to realise that I’d been staring at it for several minutes. I just hadn’t recognised it, because it was just all snow. And there is only about four hours of daylight. Read More Winter Holidays: Iceland

Warm Winter Drinks

The best thing about warm winter cocktails are that they are double warming: first the temperature warms you up, and then the hint of booze kicks in. Now that your friends and family are gathering for the next month plus for the holidays, why not learn how to make some warm drinks perfect for curling up on a cold night? Read More Warm Winter Drinks