Cookie Times

Winter is the perfect time of year for cookies. For starters, if you make too much cookie dough, you can freeze it just by throwing it outside (in a sealed container to prevent attracting raccoons and other rabies-laden but surprisingly adorable critters). For seconders, completely disregard that first point and just continue to use the traditional, patented A-A “freezer method” of storage by shoving the dough in the freezer. Read More Cookie Times

Books: Hot Erotica for a Cold Night

Ah, winter. In my home city of Chicago, ’tis the season for icy winds that threaten to freeze off one’s appendages, beaucoup layers and for me, two cravings: 1) peppermint mochas and 2) reading about someone being spanked. Read More Books: Hot Erotica for a Cold Night

Determining the Best Winter

The weather person is always afraid of the “s” word. If none of the fluffy white stuff falls, snow lovers and school kids complain. If the meteorologist fails to mention the “s” word and flakes appear, snow haters complain. Poor weather guys; they just can’t win. Most of the time, the media takes the first winter storm and runs with it, creating a crisis such as the “snowpocalypse.” Read More Determining the Best Winter

Winter Food to Warm You Up

It’s winter and where I am, that means it’s cold and snowy. This makes me want to curl up and eat what I deem “winter food”–generally something that’s rich, yummy, filling, and frequently cheesy. Things like soups, stews, biscuits, and pasta with beans. The kinds of food that make you feel all warm inside. This weekend, I “winterfied” my favorite Risotto and also tried a new recipe for White Bean Chicken Chili. Both turned out super yummy so I’ve decided to share. One is veggielicious; the other is for the spicy carnivores out there.

Read More Winter Food to Warm You Up

Lunchtime Poll 2/1

Happy February, everyone! Or not. Despite the fact that this month starts off strong with some family and friends’ birthdays, February as a whole is my least-favorite month. I just think the cozy charm of winter has worn off and everyone is looking forward to the spring. Read More Lunchtime Poll 2/1

Just Boot It.

I live in Canada. The snowy, icy land where the mighty polar bear reigns supreme and all you can see is blizzard for miles around. Okay, maybe not.

Read More Just Boot It.