This Week in Misogyny is Sick of Victim-Blaming

It’s been a banner week at the Washington Post; they’ve earned top billing this week for publishing George Will’s latest inanity (though the New York Post has equal blame for that one) and an article that used completely irrelevant data to victim-blame single moms who are abused. Good job, assholes. Let’s see who else is keeping them company, because of course they weren’t the only terrible people out there. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny is Sick of Victim-Blaming

2012 Olympics: Basketball

The United States made the men’s Olympic basketball team selection last week. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. Sure the guys are great, acclaimed superstars of the NBA, but most of them have reputations of being prima donnas. Kevin Durant is known as an all-around nice guy, he should be, he was originally a Sonic”¦ but we won’t go there. Read More 2012 Olympics: Basketball