This Week in Lady Reads

Welcome back to another week of lady reads! This week, we’ve got the best movie review ever written, a sick burn on Donald Trump, cool animals, and lots of other interesting posts. Read More This Week in Lady Reads

Friday News Bites: LGBTQ Progress, Gun Violence + More

Hello, everyone! I’m back after a month off and I’ve got a mostly good news roundup to ease us into our first October weekend. Let’s get right to it:

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Science News: 2/5/13

Richard III was found under a car park in Leicester? Go home, Your Majesty, you’re drunk. Read More Science News: 2/5/13

News Appetizers Love Carbs

I always find that bad news can often be redeemed with a tiny bit of good news, such as women being allowed in combat positions or learning that carbs are a key player in evolution. So read on, knowing there will be some bad. But there will also be some good. And carbs.

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Science News Roundup: 4/17/12

Sometimes I have trouble finding enough interesting science stories to fill up this post, but the last two weeks have been chock-full of cool news! Hopefully we’ll have something to tickle everyone’s fancy. Unless y’all hate dinosaurs and penguins, which I highly doubt. :) Read More Science News Roundup: 4/17/12