This Week in Misogyny is Staging a Topless Protest

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We’ve got lots of cool readings this week, ranging from confused MRAs who don’t understand cat-based satire to why Cosmo‘s sex positions for lesbians are ridiculous. But there’s a lot of bad news too, including Ray Rice’s two-fucking-game suspension, assaults at SDCC, and slut-shaming Nicki Minaj and the Bachelorette. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.

[E] HillaryThis Week in Misogyny is Staging a Topless Protest

This Week in Misogyny

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I love debunking hoaxes and bullshit “studies.” I hate all the other terrible things I have to tell you about. You win some, you lose some. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

[E] HillaryThis Week in Misogyny

Kickstartable: Twelve Complete Indian Feasts

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Nom. Nom. Nom. This week’s Kickstartable project brings us to the kitchen. This project caught my eye last week because, well, it’s visually stunning. And Indian food is delicious. And I may have been hungry at the time. ANYWAY.

[E] Sally J. FreedmanKickstartable: Twelve Complete Indian Feasts

What I Learned at Women 2.0

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Last week, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View hosted the fifth annual Women 2.0 PITCH Conference. PITCH is a conference for women in tech to gather and mingle and learn from one another. Developers chat with venture capitalists, designers schmooze with product managers, and start-up founders hand out business cards like there’s no tomorrow. The Women 2.0 crew pulled … Read More

Emily Heist MossWhat I Learned at Women 2.0

Decisions, Decisions: Women Running for Public Office

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Yesterday, the Huffington Post published a thorough and interesting article about the state of women in the US Senate and the disparity between the Republican and Democratic Parties in tapping female candidates. The whole thing is worth a read, especially the slideshow at the end featuring the thirteen women running for Senate next year. But I was hoping we could … Read More

BaseballChica03Decisions, Decisions: Women Running for Public Office

Do Polls Underestimate Female Candidates?

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A study published last fall in the academic journal Political Behavior but that has only recently gained attention in the popular media suggests that pre-election polls consistently underestimate the success of female political candidates. Unsurprisingly, this phenomenon is particularly strong in states that traditionally have a more conservative culture when it comes to gender roles.

BaseballChica03Do Polls Underestimate Female Candidates?