This Week in Lady Reads (and News)

We’ve got a bit more news than usual this week since Sara’s on vacation, plus lots of other interesting things to read and watch.  Read More This Week in Lady Reads (and News)

The Grind (Comic)

There’s a beautiful commencement speech that’s making the rounds on many social networking sites. And rightfully so. “This is Water,” by David Foster Wallace, was first brought to my attention by a co-worker of mine who was a fan of his work. She proudly displayed his speech, tacked to the cork board of her cubicle. Read More The Grind (Comic)

The Echo And The Call: Pregnancy, Career, And Projection

Q. “I’m 29, just completing my candidacy requirements and research for my PhD, in a fantastic and stable relationship, and recently my uterus has begun to demand a baby. On the one hand, if I’m going to be writing my dissertation for the next year+ anyway (starting next summer/fall), why not do it with baby? On the other hand, I’ve been warned about getting baby-brain and losing 70-90% of my ability to sleep, think, focus, dress, anything. I wouldn’t be working so income would all be on SO, who does not make mint. But I do have substantial savings, and overly generous parents… Read More The Echo And The Call: Pregnancy, Career, And Projection

Women in Academia: Support for All the Single Ladies

Whoa-uh-oh. Sorry, I just had to finish that. When Beyonce comes calling, you pick up the phone and sing along. Especially when the song is so relevant to the topic at hand: support for women outside of the family framework. Many of the seminars, workshops, and groups that I have heard about reaching out to women and addressing the issues and challenges faced by women in academia seem to speak in large part to women with significant others and/or children. This post is intended to talk about women who do not fall into that first category. Read More Women in Academia: Support for All the Single Ladies

Women in Academia: Fitting in Fitness

Hi, everyone! How’s the weather where you are? It’s been pretty great here, and that has heralded more than just seasonal allergies – it’s brought about a flurry of runners. Now, I am not suggesting that everyone must work out OR ELSE, but I find exercise to be valuable and enjoyable. Even so, it can be a surprising tricky habit to maintain, especially in graduate school. Sequined, a PhD student in the humanities at a big research school out West leads an active lifestyle, even when juggling the demands of graduate school. I invited her to share her experiences and get the discussion rolling about exercise and academia. She takes it away after the jump. Read More Women in Academia: Fitting in Fitness

Women in Academia: Life Planning

This post doesn’t have any answers or suggestions or anything like that. It talks about a topic that’s been discussed time and time again. So why even bring it up? Because I wanted to know what you did. These waters are difficult to navigate, and it’s hard to get too much information.

In the summer, there’s an inevitable onslaught of weddings. Read More Women in Academia: Life Planning

My Job/My Self

When I was in second grade, we had a class fashion show in which we all dressed as what we wanted to be when we grew up. One by one, each of us got up from out seats (it was a very avant-garde fashion show in which the models didn’t walk a runway but rather sat in rows of chairs, facing the audience), walked over to a microphone, and read a little speech we had prepared.  Read More My Job/My Self