Pros and Cons of a Stomach Flu

Stomach viruses are tricky. 1. They’re gross and no one wants the details. People give you sympathetic looks but really they’re just thinking, “oh god, that’s disgusting and I don’t want this to happen to me.” 2. They always sound like a convenient excuse to get out of something. Birthday party for your cousin? Can’t go, I have food poisoning because I don’t want to hear about how great she is because she’s in law school. Read More Pros and Cons of a Stomach Flu

Workin’ for the Man

The past year has been a whirlwind for me, really, what with my dizzying leaps from Unemployed Person to Unpaid Working Person to Working Part-Time Person. But nothing prepared me for the seemingly small step to Working Full Time Person, With, Like, Benefits and Everything OMG. I took this step a few weeks ago and I’m still recovering (incidentally, this may serve to explain my recent Persephe-hiatus, HI GUYS!). Read More Workin’ for the Man