Coping with No (Work) Internet

I have been without steady internet at my job for a little over two weeks now. For context, I work at a school and if you ever wondered if we were maybe too technology dependent, visit a school. I’ve also had a computer at home that’s decided that this would be a good week to keep freezing. Internet withdrawal is real. Read More Coping with No (Work) Internet

A Gif Recap of (Barely) Working from Home

When you work a desk job, sometimes a snow day is great. Sometimes it’s a super productive work from home day, where you thank the Internet gods for enabling this. Sometimes it’s a lie on my bed with Netflix and occasionally check e-mail. Sometimes it’s both. Read More A Gif Recap of (Barely) Working from Home

So You Want to Work from Home…

A Persephone Magazine reader and friend of mine recently asked me to break down some of the crucial steps in starting a business from home. She saw our abundant writing on the subject last week but did not see much on getting into the working-from-home game. Just a few years ago, I took the leap and left my own desk job. Granted, I had a nice, safe contract all set up for me with a local publishing house, but still: I had so many considerations to make in a very short period of time with no clue whatsoever about where to begin. I would have welcomed a little help myself! Read More So You Want to Work from Home…

10 Reasons to Work From Home

Recently, I lost my largest bread-and-butter publishing job due to a lack of revenue stream at the publishing house employing me. For me, this required me either to drum up some serious new business and fast, or look for a more, well, conventional job. Now, I love freelance editing and writing. I love when a mother of five sends me the manuscript it took her ten years to write and hires me to copyedit it for her. I love when I land a writing gig that allows me to research and write about a topic of interest to me, like food. But freelance is hard, and sometimes scary. Read More 10 Reasons to Work From Home

The Fine Art of Working From Home

I’m sure some people thrive getting dressed up every day and doing the majority of their paid work for a company in an office. I’ve never really worked full-time in an office environment, so I don’t know if that’s a good fit for me. Read More The Fine Art of Working From Home

Seeking a Personal Style

For some, a personal style isn’t something they’ve had to think about, or take much time or energy to craft. Some people just get it, and they got it at an early age. If you aren’t one of these people, you likely had at least one or two friends who were like this. You know who I’m talking about: the girl who showed up at school looking amazing and avant-garde in an outfit you never in a million years would have thought would look good. Read More Seeking a Personal Style