Ladyguide: Resume Tips

I read a lot of resumes. And I spent a lot of time perfecting my resume. As it turns out, I actually know a lot about resumes. (This was surprising to me, too.) Because it’s job hunting season, I thought I might throw out a few helpful tips (and pet peeves) when it comes to polishing your finest asset. (Other than your shoes.)  Continue reading

Positivity Challenge Week 8: The Job Search

It’s possibly one of the most demoralizing things that can happen. Whether it’s downsizing, firing, end of a contract, or other reasons, losing a job can be stressful to your mind and body, your finances, and your relationships. On top of the stress of losing your job is the pressure to find another one and quickly. No small feat in today’s job market. Even if you’re not coming off a job loss, a graduate looking for their first job, a recent transplant to another city, or a new mother getting back into the workforce, trying to find a job can be full-time work in itself – one with a pretty high rate of rejection. How do you keep yourself focused and keep from giving up? Continue reading

Positivity Challenge Week 7: Staying Positive at Your Non-Ideal Job

Think big. Don’t settle. Find your passion. Get your dream job. Follow your bliss.

For many of us, those messages are thrown at us from a young age. We’re made to believe that we can do great things and that we shouldn’t settle for anything less. And then we’re saddled with tens of thousands in student loan debt and a worldwide economic crisis and dismal job prospects and expected to be grateful if we can even find a job.

Kind of mixed messages, hmm? Continue reading

The Four REAL Reasons Working in an Office Sucks

Look, working in an office can be terrible and soul crushing, but not always for the most obvious reasons. I don’t like the popular notion that everyone who works in an office is a soulless, dead-eyed drone. There is such variety in industries and workplace types that encompass “office work” that it’s impossible to generalize in such a way. Also, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think cubicles are all that bad. Continue reading

ACS is a Broken System

Mariah Carey as the social worker in the movie Precious“Both ACS and the DA are doing everything possible to protect children’s lives … [W]e are very concerned that today’s indictments of social work staff may discourage excellent, idealistic individuals from taking jobs helping our society’s neediest and most vulnerable children.” This was a statement that ACS (New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services) released on 3/24/11 in response to yet another publicity nightmare for the agency.  Continue reading