We’ll Totally Help You Look Busy Today

Ha! As if anybody still has a job where they can get away with looking busy.  As much as it sucks being unemployed, I know just as many friends with terrible stories about what this economy has done to the jobs that still exist.  If you’re facing a tyrant boss, ridiculous deadlines, the workload of five people and/or a budget cut that killed the workroom coffee, we salute you.  Read More We’ll Totally Help You Look Busy Today

Tim Gunn, National Treasure

Welcome to our first recap of my personal guilty pleasure, Project Runway.  Last night was a banner episode for our designers, filled with more drama than a room full of Bieber fans.   Snippy designers, eye-rolling and a few dozen yards of hideous gray sweatshirt fleece makes for great TV. Read More Tim Gunn, National Treasure