Morbid Curiosity: Vegetable Yogurt Salad

I am housesitting for my parents this month and so I have access to my mom’s cookbooks. One of them is a Jell-O cookbook that I fondly remember from when I was growing up. I’m not very old, (Bite your lying tongue! Thirty is not that old!) and I figured that recipes from my childhood would be free from the sort of inexplicable combinations that I’ve grown used to seeing in cookbooks published in the early 1960s.  Read More Morbid Curiosity: Vegetable Yogurt Salad

Internet Irony: Yogurt Edition

Ladyblogs and blogs with sections for ladies are writing about Yoplait, after the company pulled an ad after receiving several complaints from individuals with disordered eating. The ad mirrors behavior those with disordered eating work hard to overcome and echos many old tropes linking morality and eating. Read More Internet Irony: Yogurt Edition

We Try It: Greek Yogurt

So, I’ve been into plain yogurt for quite some time. A good friend of mine pretty much steered me in this direction when he returned from a foreign country several years ago and told me he couldn’t eat flavored yogurt anymore. After more than a year of plain-yogurt consumption, he found that the food-colored, artificially flavored kind so popular in the US tasted terrible to him. Read More We Try It: Greek Yogurt

We Interupt Today to Bring You This

Below the cut is the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special.  I know my fellow Whovians have probably already seen it, but I think we can agree it deserves as many homes on the web as it can get.  Also, there are people who write for this very blog who have not yet discovered The Doctor. Read More We Interupt Today to Bring You This