Midweek News: Back to School

My news, my all-consuming news, is that I’m going back to school. But there is so much more going on in the world that I’m poking my head out of the whirl of orientation and figuring out where to get my student ID.

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Science News Roundup: 2/22/12

Welcome to your latest installment of Science News! This week we have a special bonus – videos of a tornado on the surface of the sun and a waterfall at Yosemite that, due to a trick of the light, looks like lava or fire tumbling down the face of the cliff. Also, scientists in Russia were able to grow plants from 30,000+ year old fruit found frozen in Siberia, and a newly discovered watery planet is in a class of its own. Read More Science News Roundup: 2/22/12

LTP: 4/8

There are times in my life when I feel the need for an exclamation, but the situation doesn’t really warrant profanity.  Like when I’m working on a project and I misplace my screwdriver three times in a row, or when my dog starts to bark at the squirrel in the yard again. Read More LTP: 4/8