We Try It: Blue Apron

You’ve probably come across the ads on Facebook or Pinterest, and thought, “Who needs to have meals prepped and sent to them?” The answer is: anyone who is sick of deciding what to make for dinner, despises the post-work trip to the grocery store, or has a habit of making way too much food for the number of people dining. I happen to fall into all of these categories. And when a friend asked if anyone wanted a free week trial of Blue Apron, I jumped on it. I mean, who doesn’t want free meals delivered to their front door? Read More We Try It: Blue Apron

Crowdsourced Cherry Saffron Scones

On a recent trip to HomeGoods, where I bought every attractive thing in my home at bargain prices, I picked up a teeny-tiny jar of saffron threads. I’ve never eaten anything with saffron in it, but for $3, I figured I should try it at least once. Read More Crowdsourced Cherry Saffron Scones

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip

Don’t like blue cheese? This is a different take on buffalo chicken dip that I make and everyone LOVES it. This is from the official Frank’s buffalo chicken dip recipe, but I use the different ingredients in place of the blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumbles. Read More Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip

Peach Cobbler Recipe

Oh, cobbler. It’s one of those delightful dishes that does justice to summer fruits, but doesn’t do justice to the fact that it is hot out and you really don’t want to turn on your oven. But when you’ve discovered that red haven peaches are back in season, well, raising the temperature of your apartment seems like a must.

Read More Peach Cobbler Recipe

Beer Bread!

This post all came about because of a misunderstanding. I misheard some comment – it does not matter what was said right now, and let me assure you that the mishearing was awesomer than the original – and my mind took the jumble of sounds and turned them into “beer bread.” Well, what a delicious mistake my mind made. Read More Beer Bread!