Four Books on My 2014 Reading List

Since it’s almost the end of 2013, I’ve started putting together my reading list for 2014. For a variety of reasons, I’m going to have more time to read, but I’m also going to make an effort to set aside more time for it. Below are four of the books on the list so far for 2014: Read More Four Books on My 2014 Reading List

Five (Completed) Book Series to Read This Summer

Looking for a new series to read this summer, but not wanting to wait forever for the next installment to come out? Relax, here are five completed book series that are very good and all have the final book in the series available to read. I’ve linked to the first book in each series so you know where to start.
Read More Five (Completed) Book Series to Read This Summer

Hot Reads: “Sinner’s Heart” by Zoe Archer

There are many downsides to being a critic. Like when you write a theater review that has people accusing you of being a soulless hipster AND a Starbucks-swilling millenial. Thanks, Internet! But you know what I like about my part-time gig? Read More Hot Reads: “Sinner’s Heart” by Zoe Archer

We Need To See More Naked People

Sometimes, I come across a photo of a scantily-dressed or not-dressed person who is old, fat, or not conforming to the culture’s ideals of beauty or sexuality in some other way. Invariably, someone else comments: “No one wants to see that.” Bullshit. I want to see it, and I want other people to, too. Read More We Need To See More Naked People

Persephone Pioneers: Zoe Archer

Award-winning author Zoë Archer has been helping to redefine the romance genre with her widely acclaimed historical paranormal Blades of the Rose series, featuring ass-kicking female protagonists, and storylines that defy the stereotype of the romance novel. Please join me in welcoming Zoë Archer to Persephone!

Persephone Magazine: There’s a definite stereotype of romance novel heroines as damsels in distress. Your female protagonists are independent, strong, and not reliant on the male characters to save them from peril. What made you decide to approach your main characters this way, and do you feel that your heroines are more the norm or the exception for the romance genre nowadays? Read More Persephone Pioneers: Zoe Archer