Recap: The Walking Dead, S3.E6 — “Hounded”

“I thought it was … I made a deal with myself. I would keep you alive. I’d find a place. I would fix that.”
“Then, I couldn’t open that door. I couldn’t risk it. I was keeping you alive. Carl… the baby. There’s never this.” Read More Recap: The Walking Dead, S3.E6 — “Hounded”

TV Recap The Walking Dead: Episode 5, Wildfire

The show seems to be settling into a rhythm with it’s episodes. We have one with a lot of violence and then the next will be at a lower ebb. This is likely wise ““ if we had episode after episode of midnight zombie attacks, the show would be just nihilistically oppressive. There has to be some sort of hope, even if it’s just that someone will survive this, or there’s no reason to feel connected to the characters. Read More TV Recap The Walking Dead: Episode 5, Wildfire

Preview of Minecraft Alpha

I know, I shouldn’t write a game review of a game not yet released, but Minecraft is simply sucking way too much of my time that I need to explain why. So here is a preview of Minecraft in its alpha stage. Because I can’t do a review of it yet… Read More Preview of Minecraft Alpha