Zucchini Cheese Pie

Ah, August. In the northeast U.S., we’ve reached high zucchini season.You’ve probably been given at least one that is the size of a small child by a well-meaning neighbor or coworker (or maybe that’s just me?). By now, you’ve had it sauteed, grilled, diced in sauce, buttered, and still have enough left over to feed a small army. What else is there? Well, my fellow readers, there is zucchini cheese pie. Read More Zucchini Cheese Pie

Zucchini and Sundried Tomato Orzo

Kermit the frog might bemoan the difficulties of being a nice verdant shade, but he might change his tune if he were talking about eating green. Eating green fruits and vegetables, I mean. Zucchini, technically a fruit and technically technically a “pepo,” is one of the best green fruits around and thus is the perfect contender for summertime eats. Read More Zucchini and Sundried Tomato Orzo

Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

I read so many food blogs that spin these lovely tales of exploration and discovery. In them, the kitchens are always large and sunny, the food is always fresh and available, and the cook/writer is always cheerful and full of boundless optimism. That does not necessarily reflect the reality of my life. There you will find a tiny kitchen with far too little counter space, foods that should never expire and yet sometimes lost in the cabinets they do, and well, alright I do have boundless optimism. I am optimistic you follow me to the recipe. Read More Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

Focaccia with Zucchini and Tomato

Focaccia is about the only bread I have patience for. This is a personal failing, I am sure, and maybe with years of work and effort, I will work my way to making all sorts of bread regularly and with vigor. I have written about focaccia on here before, but this one comes with a lot more toppings. Read More Focaccia with Zucchini and Tomato

Ratatouille FTW!

Ratatouille is one of those things I’ve always wanted to try but never got around to. I’ve never been terribly talented at French cooking, and the recipe has so many steps that I felt a little intimidated. This was a mistake. Ratatouille is slap-your-mama delicious. How could you go wrong with the scrumptious combination of fresh, crisp vegetables and juicy tomatoes, all swimming in a slow simmered, savory broth? And then topped with cheese? Oh, yes. Read More Ratatouille FTW!

Mama BBC’s Amazing Zucchini Bread

Fall is my favorite season, and one of the tastiest when it comes to baking. I love all of the apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, and spice that flood my favorite coffee shops and cooking blogs once October rolls around. But fall just wouldn’t be fall without my mother’s amazingly delicious zucchini bread. It’s a hearty, sweet bread that sticks to the ribs, as she might say. Read More Mama BBC’s Amazing Zucchini Bread