Generation XX


The summer I was seventeen was my first summer of freedom.

I signed up to be a resident camp counselor at the girls’ camp where I had camped as a camper for the past six summer, I was SO READY to be on the other side of the camp program.

For eight weeks, I lived in a platform tent, and played camp counselor during the week. My weekends were spent galavanting around Michigan, which is possibly the best place on earth in the summer. I hung out with people already in college. I drank wine coolers. I even had the requisite summer romance with a counselor at the boys’ camp down the road. That was my summer, ┬áthe summer of 1991.

I was ready for college, and ready for the world.

I found this playlist over at — I remember singing along to a lot of these songs, driving fast down dark country roads and not having a care in the world.

Oh to be seventeen again…..

Image Credit by macinate on Flickr

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I love the weird juxtapositions in that Amazon playlist: Extreme and REM, the Connells and Marky Mark. The 80s were over, but the 90s hadn’t really started yet. MTV knew there was something out there called “alternative,” but no one really knew what that was yet, so amid all the “Gonna Make You Sweats” you’d hear something really random, like the Sundays or the Lightning Seeds.

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