Babies, Periods, Weight Loss and To Do Lists: iPhone Apps for Women

Users of iTunes: I double dog dare you to search the app store with the term “women”.   Look in a mirror.  Now look back at your screen.  You are now a fecund uterus with a flabby ass who needs to buy milk and eggs.

The app store is a living, breathing model of the free market at work, so of course I expected the search result to net a few doozies.  Of the top 25 apps listed, there were eight fitness apps, one period tracker, three bro-prank apps (a remote control for women, a what women want app and a women proof test), two legitimate books (Little Women and Womens Murder Club), two quote-a-day calendars, one game, three sex apps, one cocktail app, one app on women boxers and Playboy.

Feeling puckish, I Google’d “iPhone apps for women.”  From four randomly selected lists that linked on the first page of search results, I found the following:

Period/ovulation tracking apps : 10

Weight loss apps: 5

Baby/pregnancy related apps: 11

Grocery apps: 3

Other shopping apps: 2

Dating apps: 1

To do list apps: 2

First aid apps: 1

Social networking apps: 3

Music/Entertainment apps: 4

Food and drink apps: 2

Astrology apps: 1

Weather apps: 1

Utility apps: 3 (shape writer, unit converter, reverse phone number look up)

Pink apps: 8

My experiment isn’t perfect, as the number of people who write about iPhone apps on the internet is as infinite as the number of people trying to sell iPhone apps in the app store, there’s some spoilage around the edges, but this is a blog, not a science journal, Jim! I only listed an app once, even if it appeared on multiple lists.  I counted all the apps on all four of the lists, so I didn’t cherry pick from individual lists.  Otherwise, this is merely a recreational experiment.

What does this say?

1. Either app developers or people who write about apps or both think women are dreadfully boring and possibly a little daft.   I’d like to think women worldwide aren’t so thrown by their cycles the market demands eleven apps for tracking every move of our reproductive systems.

2. App developers have no idea how to market to women.

3. Lazy internet list makers who game Google to get their terrible recycled lists on the front page are like people who talk in the theater.   But that’s another post.

Lets make our own list of apps that are actually useful, fun or otherwise add something to our lives, shall we?  Mention your favorites in the comments or send to  And unless an app can actually get you pregnant or generate a tampon, let’s leave all the baby-making, period-minding nonsense to the other list makers.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I have an iPod Touch and I probably use it for games more than anything else. Using anything but post-it notes for my to-do list usually fails. I’m terrible at Facebook and now Twitter when I have nothing better to do, having an app would just add to my guilt. I do use the Netflix app to rearrange my queue and I’ve tried the WordPress app. Now pass me a Werthers and get your feet off the couch.

Ok, so I am a fan of Google Calendar on my iPhone, and I do have an errands app that I rarely use. Mostly, it’s Facebook, Twitter, the local paper, the Starbucks app, Card Star, the Urban Spoon…what would be handy is a good way to search for apps. The app store makes me crazy!

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